Thursday, August 19, 2010

Echo1 614

The 614 is based on the M4 body. It has a plastic body with a full metal rail system. The top rail is continuous so that you can mount any range of optics or other accessories without interruptions. It has a removable rear sight and a flip up front sight. The gun has ambidextrous sling swivels in the front and back. The working charging handle, opening dust cover, and forward assist don’t serve any functional purpose other than adjusting the hop-up and are more for aesthetics.

One drawback (for the lefties of the world) is that the gun is geared more toward right-handed people. The selector switch is on the right side and the magazine release on the left side. You can still use this gun if you are left-handed but it will be more a bit more difficult. The 614 is capable of semi and full auto. The stock is retractable to fit your personal preference. The gun also comes with a barrel extension that can be removed or attached depending on your surroundings or mission.

The gun’s battery can be a nuisance. It requires a PEQ box and makes the gun very front heavy. As far as internals go, it could use some upgrades such as a precision inner barrel, improved motors, and gear box parts. To sum it all up this gun is a good starter that you can eventually upgrade into a “Frankenstein gun.” With the combination of the original product’s quality and after market potential I rate this gun at 3.5-4 out of 5.

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